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Founded in 1964 Aavid Thermalloy is a leader in thermal management, from the smallest board components to multi-kilowatt power installations. With locations in North America, Europe, and Asia, Aavid is there with the solutions you need. Walker Component Group is pleased to carry the Aavid product lines, including:

  • Heatsinks for ICs, Capacitors, and High Power LEDs
  • Thermal Transfer Greases, Tapes, and Adhesives
  • Insulating Films, Pads, and Stand-offs
  • Mounting Kits, Clips, and Pads

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Aavid introduces new line of Liquid Cooling Systems
Now Aavid's liquid cooling systems (LCS), coupled with their liquid cold plates (LCP), provides customers with a total solution for applications in solar power, wind power, traction, electricity transmission and other high power equipment.